Locksmith Code of Conduct: What are the Laws and Best Practice?

Beyond installation of locks, locksmithing is also about breaking locks. Now, that’s a profession and it’s a huge irony! Does this mean that these fellows can get set on a lock rampage or charge whatever, whenever they wish? What is the ethics? Is there a professional code of conduct? Come, let’s talk about it.


Locksmithing, dear all, covers a few basic services which should be downright fair and meet customer requirements. However, there are exceptions which all customers need to understand. There are certain locks-n-key systems which receive the protection of the law. Further, certain re-keying businesses cannot be carried out without proper authorisation. What are these?

Let’s start with installations

Do you know, Locksmithing firms undergo periodic sampling inspections, especially regarding recent installations? This is to ensure that skilled and honest workmanship has been employed to cater to customer needs. By these standards, security installations need to be supported by workmanship and material guarantees.

Insurance is something which is beyond question. Companies need to be insured to carry out the installation of locks, especially, security systems. Exceptions to this rule are when any work of alteration, reinstallation, or removal crops up is done by a person who is not from the installation company.

In the case of a faulty product, the locksmithing company has full rights to determine the cause after proper and thorough rectification. This company will also be liable to charge the service seeker wherever and whenever applicable. However, a company cannot charge if the product is under the guarantee period. Also, the chargeable amount is limited to the replacement value.

Key duplication should be a plain-speaking.

If we go by the Locksmithing code of conduct, any work of key duplication needs to be backed by a money-back guarantee. Sometimes, even a replacement is the liability. The charges, however, need to be limited to the cost of the key, precisely, its retail value.

Exceptions to this practice arise when keys requiring duplication are in extremely bad shape and cannot be used to produce a copy. The Locksmithing firm, then, has all the rights to notify the customer and carry out the task at the latter’s risk. All guarantees associated are automatically rendered null and void.

This exception also covered requests of key duplication for bent and broken keys. The company can mark such keys as ‘supplied after advice.’ Customers, needless to say, have to pay for the advice sought.

A company policy says that keys which are supplied against code numbers cannot be refunded or replaced. The only exception to this rule is when the company itself commits a cutting error. There are certain locks which need authorisation before duplication. All companies should oblige to this law for the sake of public interests.

About a locksmith breaking locks:

Say, you have locked yourself out of your residence and called up Locksmiths in Sevenoaks to save you from the distress. Interestingly, these professionals in Sevenoaks can refuse to let you gain entry to the property if you cannot produce a proof of ownership.

This is to ensure that they are not assisting you in some sort of crime. No, it is not your fault; it is part of their duty. Without a proof of residency, you don’t own the property; not at least in their eyes.

This code of conduct arises from the unethical action of squatters all around. According to the law, they must enter an abandoned property of interest without breaking in; this could lead to a criminal offence. However, practically it never happens. In fact, it is not possible at most times.

A squatter would just enter the property just like that and break open the lock on his own. Later, he would try to cover the damage by calling in a locksmith who can replace the locks. This is a real challenge because the person is already inside the property by unethical means and sadly, this cannot be proved.

Replacement guarantee on products is essential.

Security devices need to have the support of a replacement guarantee at least for a year. In the case of a faulty lock, the firm is liable to replace the product. The liability, however, is limited to the original price of the product of which a valid receipt must be produced.
Refund and exchange could be subject to handling charges. Products, if without proper packaging, are not refundable or exchangeable. Lock-outs during the guarantee tenure need explanations to the Locksmithing firm.

Why do locksmiths matter?
Of course, yes. What would we do without them when we are locked out of our residence? Who would install locks and security devices to perfection? Who would replace or rekey them when needed? We know not of any other profession that caters to these needs, do we?

Take a look at the picture below. It speaks of the crime statistics in Bexleyheath. The burglary incidents only seem to be increasing. At this hour of crisis, wouldn’t depending on good locksmiths in Bexleyheath be a wiser thing to do? It’s a red alert; think about it. And why only this area, these professionals are important all across the UK and even beyond.
crime rate in bexleyheath.png
Back to the topic, always choose a locksmith who follows the proper professional code of conduct. This guy needs to be trustful and law-abiding. He should be an honourable man who does justice to his profession.

Congratulations, if you have found one!


In Heart-To-Heart Conversation with a Locksmith I Know

There was once an old, jolly locksmith in my neighbourhood who used to call himself a tinker. Indeed, there wasn’t much difference in the work of the two; the man would spend hours tinkering on metal and stuff to create and mend things.


He would often reminisce about his early years when locksmiths used to repair everything from locks to motorbikes to lawn mowers. ‘Our work would mostly be manual because there weren’t much of technologically advanced tools available then’ he says.

He once told me how a cop had called him up to assist a man who has accidentally locked himself out of this house. Only when he visited the scene did he come to know that it was actually his wife who had kicked him out. Ah, what humour!

He says present-day locksmithing has come of age. ‘It is way different from what it used to be. The locks have changed, turned more complicated. Their installation, replacement, and repair demand expertise.’

Today, he would get a call only if any of the following situations arises:


  • When people lock themselves out of their house or car

This is the most common and obvious situation when a person needs locksmiths in Orpington, according to my old mate. ‘During the daytime, this might not look like much of an emergency. You could go about asking help from your friends, neighbours, or anyone who’s willing to help. However, if you’re in hot waters during odd hours, hiring the experts is the only option you have’ he quips.


  • When someone has lost his keys.

‘Keyless locks are dangerous,’ says he. ‘The keys could land in the wrong hands and cause troubles like burglary or other perilous situations. It’s frustrating to get your lock rekeyed. Of course, changing the lock is another option as well. But, whatever be the circumstances, you’ll have to call in the professionals.’


  • When a lock has malfunctioned.

‘Defunct locks are much like keyless locks,’ he adds. ‘They can no longer protect your real property, be it your residence, office, or car. To top that, operating them is extremely annoying. The sooner you get them repaired or replaced, the better. However, this is not a DIY thing. You’ll have to rely on experts anyway.’

  • When a person would be out of town for some time.

My old friend says he often gets calls from people who want him to ‘check’ the locks of their homes and offices. ‘If you are planning to go on a vacation or be out of town for business needs, you must get your locks examined by locksmiths in Bexleyheath.

If there’s a need to change the locks, you can ask the professional to do it so that you can go on your trip without worries. You don’t want to come home and find thing stolen, do you?’ he says and laughs.

  • When an emergency is witnessed.


‘It could be anything — a fire outbreak inside a confined space, a vehicular accident, and the like. If someone is trapped inside the building or car, people call up professionals like me, because they believe we can break open jammed doors and save lives,’ says the old fellow.

He has served for over four decades now, and he isn’t tired yet. He says the profession is never going to die as long as people manage to lock themselves out of their homes. What spirit!

Hear From Locksmiths Why You Should Replace the Locks in Your Residence

As much as you like to think that locks are a one-time investment in your residence, you will end up replacing them some day or the other. The occasions could be different, but the motive remains the same – the safety of your belongings and most importantly, life.

However, there’s one important thing you should consider. Do you really need to replace the entire lock or just rekey it? This is a dilemma. On one hand, the latter seems to be a convenient and affordable option. You simply have to do away with the old keys. But, let’s hear from the locksmiths in Forest Hill why replacing is a better option than rekeying.

How many times would you repair a malfunctioning lock?

Like everything else, the locks of your residence, too, have a specific life span. Beyond this, most locks fail to function properly. When this happens, you will notice that you can no longer turn the key easily and that it gets stuck more often. If this continues, the lock will ultimately become dysfunctional.

Now, think about this. Rekeying would mean you have to repair the lock so that the key fits into it properly. How logical is this? Don’t you think you should get rid of the thing altogether? Yes, replacing is a more rational thing to do, because malfunctioning locks are bound to happen over the time, anyway.

It’s the safest option, if you are moving into a new residence.

If you want the existing locks of your new home to remain intact, just wait and think about this – isn’t it likely that the previous owners have a copy of the keys, too? And then again, most people prefer to copy keys and provide them to other family members, and sometimes even neighbours.

The key to your house in the wrong hands can cause a lot of nasty troubles. Of course, rekeying can help in this matter as it renders all the copies useless. However, according to locksmith in Orpington, better have the locks replaced so that you are sure about the total dependability of the same.

Are you in two minds about the reliability of the current set of locks?

Don’t be, because you can always upgrade them by installing new locks. You need not be in doubts about the security the current set of locks offers. Improve it instead to enhance the protection level in your residence.

Look around carefully. A door might be missing a deadbolt. Or, the present locks might not be as sturdy as they should be. Opt for stronger and more durable locks so that you are hundred percent ensured of the safety of your home.

Further, if you want your residence to be secure, but are investing in low quality locksets, please remember, this is going to be a total waste of time, money, and energy. Put your money in locks that are robust and durable. Discuss the matter and the options with a reliable locksmith. Let him access your residence and inspect what would serve it best.

Have a happy home.

The Services That You Must Find In A Locksmith Company

Have you ever faced such a situation where you are locked down in your own house? Either you misplace the keys or you locked yourself by some mistake or something. What would you do then?

door locks

You might give a call to your neighbors or closest of relatives to get a spare key, but will that always help? Instead it is preferred you give a call to a renowned locksmith who got services like emergency service and lock repair and replacement. Locksmiths in Bexleyheath are renowned for their services in such area.

However, you must consider that before sealing the deal with any locksmith company, the reliability and the honesty must be checked. So which are the credentials that you must check on?

  • You should verify the educational degree of the workers that you are choosing on.
  • You must consider the local review of the particular company you are levying your trust upon.
  • You must check the certificate of training with them.
  • They must not just communicate with you over phone, but also they must visit your place to check the necessities that needs to be done.
  • They must not give their quote without even checking your needs.

Likewise there are multiple such checkpoints which you should have a check on before giving a confirmation to a particular company.

Locksmiths are not only there to break locks. This particular phrase explains it all in one go. A locksmith going by its name, does not only break locks and helps you out of a locked up but also gives many services which assures your security and their usability.

The services that one of the renowned Locksmiths companies in Bexleyheath gives are:

  1. Combination locks: the locksmiths help in providing locks that are combined with the main locks of an office chamber or a house’s main doors.
  2. Garage locks: you do not need to worry if you are possessive about your car and want an extra assurance of its security. In that case they also provide locks for garages.
  3. Door locks: this is a very common factor that any locksmith will provide and hence it affirms their work ability.
  4. Window locks: if you are thinking about issuing an extra security for your kids and want your windows to be locked then these companies does the same.
  5. Replacement locks: if you have broken up locks and then thinking how will you keep yourself secured then these companies gives the replacement service even.
  6. On-site services.
  7. Cylinder locks: have small kids at your place? Want them to be completely secured? Then put a lock in the cylinders which are quite easily reachable to them.
  8. Emergency entry: if you are on a house arrest or something similar to that sort, then emergency service of such companies would help you through.
  9. Lock repair: after breaking apart the locks the companies also provide for lock repair system.

Hence, quite a lot of effort goes into the designation of a locksmith. So it is to be remembered, that a locksmith is not there to just break the locks!

To know more about various locksmith services near Bexleyheath, you can visit: http://thegenuinelockcompany.co.uk/locksmiths-bexleyheath/

Locksmiths and Their Matchless Potential

Yes, the night was so terrific! I was already late as I had a hell lot of tasks to complete in the office itself.

My car made its way through the plain driveway to my home; it was then 1 a.m at night. The standstill silence along with the barking of street dogs had made the whole atmosphere weird enough.

I parked my car at the garage and was about to take out the key from my pocket to enter the house when I realized that my pocket was empty! Yes, it was! It took me no time to realize that I forgot the key in my office only. Going all the way back to the office was kind of impossible and till then, the office was closed as well.

For a couple of minutes, I was simply awestruck. I had to find a suitable place to stay in and when, I was ransacking my mind to come up with an apt idea, I suddenly remembered that one of my friends was a locksmith by profession.

I wasted no time of mine to give a swift call to him and as per the ethics of this profession, he came up to my place as quickly as possible. With his proficient artistry, he didn’t take more than a minute to open the door for me!

Sometimes, the daily involvements of our lives distract us from keeping the door or car keys in a safe place or close to our hands. There are very few people around who haven’t experienced such plight ever in their lifetime. To get rid of such sticky situation, the best thing you can do is contact your nearby locksmiths without wasting even a minute.


Now, if you are looking for locksmiths in Croydon, it’s worth sharing that the city has got the presence of a number of ventures that have a high reputation for providing nonpareil service.

Be it any kind of lock requirement, professional locksmiths are full of every potential to help you out in the finest manner. Apart from taking you out from a steamy situation like this, the locksmiths in Croydon are also best known for other involvements too.

Do you need to make a duplicate key? Do you want to repair your lock? Are you in need of an intricate lock system? The professional locksmiths in the city offer apt solutions to each of your requirement.

Last but not the least, one of the most important benefits of hiring professional locksmiths is that they remain available for 24/7 and no matter whether you are stuck outside your home in the daytime or so late at night, they will come to your quick aid just with a simple phone call.

For more details about Croydon Locksmiths, you may visit http://thegenuinelockcompany.co.uk/locksmiths-croydon/ to know about locksmith service.

Locksmiths – Lifesavers During Emergencies: How to Contact One?

Oops! You’ve done it again! – Locked the door and forgot the key.

So, what do you do now? Try the hair pin trick? Break the door? Climb the pipeline? Smash the glass of the window to your bedroom?

No, you call up a locksmith! See, how easy it is? Rejoice, because you are saving the door, the window, your lock, and most importantly, your bones. And what’s more, you have also got a chance to check if your lock is sturdy enough and if it can resist burglary.

Now, what are the tips on securely picking locksmiths in Beckenham? Follow these suggestions:


Rely on research:

Emergencies can pop up anytime, anywhere. Say, a situation arises where you are hopelessly locked out of your car. Research is not what you’ll wish to do at that moment. So, make sure you have contact details for such situations ready. But yes, you need to do a bit of research prior to deciding on the perfect professional. Look around for him in the same way you look around for a plumber or an electrician. This person should be in your contact list unfailingly.

If you are unsure, rely on family and friends:

Think of someone who has already faced such a situation. Call him up for recommendations. He, with his experience, might be able to tell which professional would helpful, trustful and worth calling.

Can you access a phone book or telephone directory?

If you can, you are saved, because you will then get access to a lot of such professionals easily. If you don’t have a phone book handy, call up your relatives and friends again. They might be able to help. Also, if you have access to the Internet on your phone, this will get a lot easier.

Always confirm the address of the firm:

If you are going through a directory, confirm the address of the firm and the professional. This is because many companies make use of street addresses to lie about being local. Verify such listings by resorting to websites that match street addresses to contact numbers.

Get all details of the work the professional is going to do:

Try to get the details over the phone to avoid hidden costs. This is because some companies charge you for midnight calls. Enquire mileage fee and service call charges. Find out if the professional is insured and licensed. In case of property damage during repair, or error-ridden work, you can always demand for recovery charges. Also, remember to ask for identification as soon as the professional arrives. This is to stay safe from fraudulent people.

Keep this is mind – people try to deceive you most only during emergencies. So, settle on the right person hired from authenticated firms. And yes, try not to lock yourself out of your house or car. Giggles.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Locksmith Services

Does your absent mindness make you undertake a great amount of hassles every now and then? Do you often find yourself outside your home with having no key to enter the house? The best way you can combat such situations is by having the contact number of a reliable Lewisham locksmiths service in your locality. Whether you want to admit it or not, it must have happened to you more than often.


Sometimes, the excessive hustle-bustles of life do not let you stay so mindful and it becomes a regular occasion for you to leave your keys somewhere else and keep finding it in your pocket after you come back from office. In such context, the only option people are left with is start searching fanatically everywhere and last of all, end up with having a hell lot of despair. So, here the most shrewdest thing you can do is a giving a quick call to the nearby locksmith service in your city.

Numbers of locksmiths remain available for 24/7 and it takes just a fraction of second to dial their number up. Misplacing of keys can happen at any point of time. just imagine how would be the situation like; in case, you return home in the wee hour of midnight after completing all the meetings with your important clients at office and find that you don’t have the key to enter your home. Giving a quick call to a trustworthy locksmith service will not only ease up all your tensions, but will also broaden the path before you to have the most effective solution.

The most important benefits of hiring locksmith services are as follows:

  • The most important benefits of hiring locksmith service is that you can contact them at any point of time and they will arrive at the mentioned place just within fifteen to thirty minutes.
  • Whether you lose the key of your home or you misplace the key of your car, the locksmiths will give you the best solution.
  • As, they are specially trained to open locks, it takes just a second’s time for them to open any lock irrespective of its size.

Now, if you are looking for locksmiths, there are numbers of companies that have gained a high-end fame due to the quick service they provide. Apart from offering 24 hour locksmith service, the companies are best known for being fraught with highly efficient locksmiths who will arrive at your door within a real short notice.

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